Hi. I'm Tom Nguyen.

Experienced Full Stack Web Developer and Software Engineer with over 1,000 hours of hands-on coding experience. Demonstrated skills in Django, MEAN, and Java Spring Framework. Strong computer science background, and graduated from California State University of Los Angeles.

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Programming Languages

JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Python | Java


Angular | Flask | Django | MEAN | Java Spring


MySQL | MongoDB | Sqlite

Dev Tools

AWS EC2, Git, GitHub, VS Code, Spring Tool Suite, Postman, MySQL Workbench


jQuery, Ajax, Mongoose, Bootstrap


MVC, OOP, CRUD Operations, RESTful Architecture

Recent Projects


AI Flappy Bird

  • Rewrote from my basic HTML Flappy Bird game to an AI Flappy Bird
  • Ultilized the AI and Machine Learning concept in Reinforcement Learning and Neural Network concept
  • Technologies used: HTML/DOM, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Neural Network, Generic Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning
  • Time of developement: 1 week

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Paint HTML App

  • Ultilized HTML Canvas with several functions included drawing a line, rectangle, or free draw with color selected.
  • Planned to explore machine learning to predict the shape using TensorFlow or ml5js machine learning library
  • Technologies used: HTML/DOM, CSS, JavaScript
  • Time of developement: 3 days

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School Library Platform

  • Implemented and Developed a school library platform using Django Framework
  • Created a user-friendly prototype library website so users can browser the book and only students can borrow books.
  • Technologies used: HTML/CSS, Python, Django, Bootstrap, SQLite, Mongoose
  • Time of developement: 1 week

Github | Demo

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